Maples Fund Services Provides Consolidated Risk and Transparency Reporting for Texas Tech University System Endowment

3 June 2014

Texas Tech University System has engaged Maples Fund Services to provide consolidated risk and transparency reporting services to its US$1 billion endowment. These reports are an integral part of an overhaul of Texas Tech’s investment programme, subsequent to the arrival of their new Chief Investment Officer last year.

Maples Fund Services was selected for its experience in working with complex investment programmes at other institutional investors. The customisable nature of Maples Fund Services’ reports and technology was also important, as was the industry knowledge and technological expertise of the Maples Fund Services team.

On Texas Tech’s behalf, Maples Fund Services aggregates data from managers, custodians, brokers and other external sources in order to produce reports containing exposure, performance and risk analytics. In addition, Maples Fund Services produces transparency reports that offer insights into managers’ activities and positions. This information is available through both an online portal and monthly report packages.

“By having Maples Fund Services take care of operational functions – such as data aggregation, reconciliation and report generation – our investment team can focus on the design and execution of our investment strategy,” said Tim Barrett, Chief Investment Officer and Vice Chancellor of Texas Tech. “The success of our new investment programme will be defined by our performance. It is good to have a knowledgeable thought-partner with whom we can collaborate to define appropriate metrics, and who will then independently calculate them.”

Texas Tech is embarking on the implementation of sophisticated and innovative investment strategies that will augment the performance of its endowment’s portfolio. It required assistance from a service provider that had strong experience in working with these types of strategies, and that could help establish the operational infrastructure for such an undertaking.

Categories: Hedge Funds, Technology

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