Opalesque Russia Roundtable: Insight into an Emerging Market

5 January 2015

Opalesque Russia Roundtable: Insight into an Emerging Market

Maples Fund Services' Regional Head of Sales and Relationship Management – Europe, Stephen Lewis, recently took part in Opalesque's Russia Roundtable.

Russia is a large market with a population of over 143 million people. While the country has been previously undervalued when compared with other emerging markets, today, the Opalesque panel concluded, “it’s really screaming.”

Historically, Russian investors associated actively managed strategies with enormous returns and excessive risk. However, the days when long-only was the winning strategy appear to be over. Today, the most sophisticated Russian investors and their advisors consider alternative investments a source of diversification and portfolio risk reduction. They are also becoming more realistic about returns.

Co-sponsored by Maples Fund Services, the Opalesque Russia Roundtable took place in Moscow in September, which also marked the 20th anniversary of Private Equity in Russia. Panel discussions included how best to invest in Russia, the country's recent corporate governance developments, new products and upcoming opportunities for investors.

Click here to read the full Opalesque Russia Roundtable.

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