P2P: Be Mindful of Operational Risk

31 August 2015

P2P: Be Mindful of Operational Risk

Marketplace lending, also known as peer-to-peer lending, has become a worldwide phenomenon. In the current low interest rate environment, investors seeking yield have become interested in the types of returns that can be achieved in this sector.  Increasingly, hedge funds are facilitating the introduction of institutional investors to this space. Credit risk is something that investors are ostensibly willing to accept when they get into peer-to-peer loan funds.  However, the operational risk associated with maintaining the books and records of these loan portfolios must also be considered.

In a recent AlphaQ article, Tyler Kim, Chief Information Officer and Global Head of Fund Services, and Greg Knapp, Senior Vice President – Client Solutions and Relationship Management, discuss the importance of operational risk management and the role that a third party administrator can play to ensure data integrity within peer-to-peer loan funds. 

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