Swiss Alternative Funds Roundtable

23 March 2018

Swiss Alternative Funds Roundtable

Even in an increasingly globalised world with intensified competition, Switzerland continues to maintain its position as one of the preeminent centres for financial services and a leader in the asset management industry. However, it faces unprecedented challenges due to ongoing regulatory developments as well as increasing investor sophistication.

Maples Fund Services’ latest roundtable in Zurich brought together a panel of Swiss-based alternative investment funds industry experts who offered their opinions, knowledge and expertise on a range of topics meant to highlight the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Switzerland and across greater Europe.

The Roundtable was moderated by Peter Northcott, Operational Consultant at KB Associates and participants included:

  • Mike Cartier, Operations Advisor, Culross Global Investment Management
  • Charles du Marais, Founder, Aramis Capital
  • Markus Matuszek, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer, M17 Capital Management
  • Maureen O'Brien, Chief Operations Officer, Dominicé & Co
  • Jon Turnes, General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer, O1 Services
  • Patrick Wright, Chief Investment Officer, Redstone Capital Management
  • Stephen Lewis, Regional Head of Sales and Relationship Management – Europe, Maples Fund Services

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