Best-of-Breed Systems

Leveraging great solutions

Forging strategic partnerships with leading technology vendors is the most efficient way for Maples Fund Services to keep pace in a rapidly and continuously changing environment. Leveraging the resources and investments that these organisations commit to the evolution and enhancement of systems that set the benchmark of excellence ensures that we, and our clients, are always ahead of the curve.

Advent’s Geneva®

Advent’s Geneva® is a fully integrated, multi-currency, portfolio accounting system designed to handle high trading volume and account for the complex financial instruments typically traded by our hedge fund clients. The solution provides fully automated data processing and reporting, trade capture and trade lifecycle management, full general ledger and accurate NAV calculation, daily cash and trade reconciliations and corporate action processing.

Over the last few years, we have partnered with Advent on product development and thought leadership. In 2012, we became one of the first fund administrators to implement Geneva Advantage, a module that enables the automation of position and transaction reconciliations with prime broker/custodian data feeds. In 2015 we integrated Geneva World Investor with our platform to augment our partnership accounting capabilities for allocating profits, losses, expenses and tax impact among investors in complex structures.

Linedata MShare

Linedata MShare ("Linedata") is a comprehensive transfer agency platform meeting the complex needs of onshore and offshore investors.  Tailored to all the recordkeeping requirements of investors in traditional funds, including multi-currency transaction processing, commission accounting, anti-money laundering and distributions, MShare embraces a wide range of alternative investment structures, including hedge funds with performance fees and equalisation, partnerships with complex profit and loss allocations and private equity funds with commitment tracking. 

We make shareholder reporting fully flexible and user-defined shareholder reporting can be customised by fund, shareholder and interested party depending on a firm’s specific needs. To ensure accuracy in reporting, MShare supports comprehensive data validation and provides an audit trail of financial and non-financial information.

FIS Investran

FIS, formerly SunGard, Investran is a leading integrated middle- and back- office private equity software solution designed to simplify the most complex partnership accounting and reporting functions. Investran’s robust multi-currency ledger tracks cost, fair value and income of underlying portfolio company investments. Investran provides automated processes including waterfall and management fee calculations, on-demand financial and performance reporting as well as highly flexible customisable reporting capabilities.


Intralinks is an industry leading investor reporting software that combines intuitive reporting tools with robust security to ensure that investment managers and investors can access current and historical investor level information. Intralinks’ investor reporting streamlines and optimises access to a wide range of reporting including contract notes, market value statements and K1’s. Intralinks provides investment managers with a single gateway to view information across their funds shareholder base and ensures that investors can securely access information pertaining to their investment in a single, easy to navigate web-based solution. 

Axioma’s Workbench

Axioma’s Workbench is a complete regulatory reporting solution for Form PF, AIFMD Annex IV, Form CPO-PQR, NFA-PQR and other regulatory reporting requirements. The system includes a web-based interface, data repository and calculation engine to produce the complex regulatory filings required by regulators across the globe. Workbench offers robust audit trails, exception reporting, difference report and version controls with all information and support stored in a secured data warehouse for easy retrieval at any time.

In 2015, we partnered with Axioma to create a daily UCITS reporting platform to allow investment managers to meet the risk measurement and reporting requirements under the UCITS directive. Reporting includes UCITS investment guidelines monitoring as well as leverage, liquidity, value at risk, stress testing and back-testing reporting

Putting a sophisticated tool like Geneva in the hands of high-caliber accounting and technology professionals enables us to quickly respond to evolving market demands.

Tyler Kim, Global Head of Fund Services and Chief Information Officer.