Offshore and Onshore Investment Funds

Maples Fund Services has evolved traditional fund administration through innovation inspired by our clients' needs.  We partner with our clients to provide a comprehensive fund services offering, which enhances and supports their investment process.  While our technology and global footprint allow our clients to enjoy the breadth and scope of capabilities expected from a large institutional provider, our client service model allows them to experience the personal attention typically afforded by boutique shops.  

We offer bespoke outsourcing solutions, providing people, technology and processes as an extension of our clients’ operations and investment decision-making processes. 

When managers choose to outsource, they must find a way to preserve the proprietary elements of their operations that provide competitive advantages. Appreciation of the nuances of the systems and operational needs that differ between managers has become increasingly important - a standardised approach to outsourcing no longer applies.  In response to this, we have developed an optimal balance of best-of-breed core systems with bespoke proprietary systems allowing us to be dynamic in responding to our clients' needs as they evolve in response to regulatory and investor demands. 



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