Portfolio Accounting

Delivering accurate and timely account valuations

Our accounting professionals are well-versed in the complex legal structures that family offices and private wealth managers operate, and the broad investment strategies they employ, including multiple asset classes, traditional and alternative assets and direct and indirect investments. Our objective is to provide accurate, consistent and timely portfolio, partnership and investor accounting and reporting. The service model provided by the portfolio/fund accounting team to each family office and private wealth manager is tailored to their specific needs and requirements. The result is a customised solution unique to each client, and the development of a relationship based on trust and accountability.

Our services include:

  • NAV calculations: calculate and distribute portfolio net asset values and capital account balances;
  • Independent validation: independently validate portfolio values in accordance with the portfolio's valuation policies;
  • Reconciliation: reconcile cash and positions to prime brokers and counterparties;
  • Fee calculations: calculate performance fees, equalisation adjustments or waterfall and carried interest amounts;
  • Reporting: provide secure web-based access to portfolio and general ledger reporting through customised dashboards; and
  • Financial statements: prepare financial statements for the fund, including relevant note disclosures under IFRS or GAAP accounting standards and assist in the audit process by providing relevant accounting records and supporting schedules.



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