Annex IV Reporting Services

The European Union’s regulatory reporting template is commonly referred to as Annex IV. MaplesFS provides an integrated online portal which produces Annex IV reporting. Through the portal, shared by MaplesFS and the alternative investment fund manager ("AIFM"), the relevant data is aggregated, calculated, validated and populated into the Annex IV template.

Our services include:

During initialisation, MaplesFS will work with the AIFM to:

  • set up the specific parameters for each AIFM and alternative investment fund in our reporting solution for Annex IV reporting;
  • review and determine optimal data sources (administrator, AIFM, custodian, etc.);
  • initialise incremental data feeds for source data;
  • map data from source data categorisations to Annex IV compliant data categorisations; and
  • determine any risk calculations required using source data to fully populate Annex IV.

Quarterly reporting
On an ongoing basis, MaplesFS will:

  • aggregate position and market data to produce the reporting relating to Annex IV;
  • assist in performing risk calculations required for the Annex IV report;
  • liaise with the AIFM to confirm mappings for new positions held in the portfolios;
  • produce the Annex IV report through an online portal using available data;
  • provide interface for review, approval and submission or issuance of Annex IV; and
  • store submissions, filings and provide audit trailing for future reference related to Annex IV.

In addition, our comprehensive, straight-through Annex IV reporting solution provides:

  • integration with portfolio accounting systems, counterparties, custodians and prime brokers to capture accounting and portfolio data;
  • integration with market data vendors to enrich data;
  • access to populate static and qualitative data, and parameters that drive risk calculations;
  • a central calculation engine that drives output for reporting;
  • secure access for multiple users allowing segregation input, review and approval functions;
  • coordination of multiple users through workflow tools and a full audit trail to ensure a controlled and efficient reporting process; and
  • an interactive filing interface for reporting in relevant jurisdictions.