EMIR Reporting and Reconciliation Services

What is EMIR?

European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) is designed to increase the stability of the over-the-counter derivative markets throughout the EU states. EMIR requires that both counterparties of a derivative transaction must report to the Trade Repository on execution, modification and termination of a transaction.

Who does EMIR affect?

EMIR applies to financial counterparties (banks, investment firms, insurance companies and reinsurers etc.) and non-financial counterparties to derivatives contracts in the EU, as well as to those trading outside the EU under certain circumstances.

EMIR reporting services

MaplesFS provides an integrated online portal that integrates with trade repositories and performs the reconciliations required under EMIR. Through a portal shared by MaplesFS and the manager, MaplesFS will maintain the relevant trade, position and collateral data. Subsequently, trade information can be delivered to the Trade Repository and reconciliations can be performed against the counterparty.