Consolidated Investment Fund Reporting

Intuitive and contextualised portfolio insight

Greater transparency is now achievable through consolidated investment platforms. Position-level data collected can become an extremely rich source of information. Leveraging transparency to gain greater portfolio insight necessitates a robust and flexible infrastructure.

A "one-size-fits-all" approach to analytics often results in unnecessary complexity. Customising reporting formats to the needs of each investment team and fiduciaries is essential to facilitating investment decision-making, portfolio monitoring and oversight, and reporting to plans participants. Data should be easy to interpret at multiple levels of abstraction and investment teams and fiduciaries should be able to drill-down into underlying data to investigate causal factors.

Our reporting provides meaningful, sophisticated and intuitive reporting on performance and risk analytics, including:

  • Assets overview: flexible reporting for monitoring exposures by counterparty, currency, market sector, etc.;
  • Position-level detail: granular breakdown of the funds' assets with post trade compliance tools;
  • Cash: reporting of cash balances by custodian and by currency as well as tools for cash forecasting;
  • Performance: customisable performance calculations across time horizons and performance comparisons against pre-defined or custom benchmarks;
  • Risk: reporting of standard deviation, risk adjusted returns, value at risk, what-if scenarios, factor analysis and correlation analysis at multiple levels of abstraction (e.g. fund level, asset class level, strategy level); and
  • Specific views of asset classes: custom views for asset classes which capture the nuances of each instrument type.



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